Clarence Lee Design



AIGA Honolulu


Creative Director

Laron Miyashiro


Art Director

Shyrah Esteban



Etsuko Ono
Donovan Takushi
Hirona Ogawa




AIGA Honolulu came to us to help design the overall theme and collateral for the 2015 Hawaii 5-O Design Awards. In contrast to local prominent advertising awards, the 5-O awards are regarded in the local design community as "our awards” specifically for designers.

The event also occurs every 2 years, so both the client and we wanted to create something really unique and special to our field.


Our design solution consisted of the concept “REVEAL”. Although many people in Hawai‘i may see and experience graphic design, they may never know the full process it went through. REVEAL showcases that creative process designers developed in order to put forth quality work.

Taking design cues and elements of a "secret society", REVEAL conveys the idea that designers work together as visual craftsmen, striving for design excellence. Each print and digital piece conveys a sense of mystery. Pieces invoke a feeling of wanting to know more, and express the act of revealing. Elements throughout the pieces implement symbols and icons of graphic design. The tone was to be sophisticated, yet inviting and playful.