Middle Management, A Branding Co.



Aloha Green


Creative Directors / designers

Ryan Yamamoto & Matt Honda





Aloha Green is the first licensed Medical Marijuana dispensary to open it’s doors in Hawaii. They’re also the only licensee to produce organic, sun-grown marijuana using sustainable methods. A clear process of natural cultivation and environmental stewardship are at the core of Aloha Green’s mission.

Aloha Green is also at the forefront of technology leveraging the top monitoring and grow systems to produce a high quality, consistent product. Aloha Green required a brand that felt energetic, soft, and welcoming.

Many newly opened dispensaries face the obstacle of creating a brand that welcomes female consumers, and at the same time, doesn't alienate their core consumer base, men.


The Aloha Green icon is an abstract blend of sun, water, and a marijuana plant. The sunburst rays radiate in seven segments reflecting the characteristic look of the cannabis plant’s leaves. The central organic elements represent the pistols of the flower bud. The logo type was customized to compliment the clean, inviting look.

The gradient (yellow to green) represents the suns natural ability to provide the nutrients needed to assist to naturally grow Cannabis—which further reinforces Aloha Green's commitment to naturally grown cannabis products.

Additional brand elements such as typography, takes inspiration from scientific journals and can be seen in application on their website, In addition, custom monoline illustrations were created to balance the informative and digestible tone of typography. All the while, brand illustrations could be applied to retail products that project a tone that feels neutral, and could be enjoyed by both male and female consumers.