Wall-to-Wall Studios



Biki - Bikeshare Hawaii


Creative Director 

Bernard Uy


Art Director 

Jesse Arneson



Taylor Hanson


Project Manager

DeAnna Niderost






Working with Bikeshare Hawaii — a non-profit with partial public funding — we were commissioned to develop the name and branding for Honolulu’s first citywide bike share system. Deploying over 100 stations and 1000 bikes, Biki has transformed the look and feel of the city while offering a fun, healthy transportation option to visitors and residents alike.

Thanks to the wide distribution of stations, Biki enables its riders to take short trips or long excursions. The ultimate goals of the system are to ease traffic congestion, promote fitness, create business for retailers and reduce Hawaii’s dependence on fossil fuels.


Our work included developing the new Biki name — a mix of “bike” and “wiki,” Hawaiian for fast, swift or quick — as well as branding, logo design, brand positioning, and designs for the system bikes, kiosks and informational signage.

A friendly logo, tropical palette, and playful floral pattern were employed to soften a potentially intimidating experience for new users, while providing an eye-catching presence on the streets of Honolulu. In the first month since Biki’s public launch, nearly 13,000 people had already taken more than 47,000 rides, with about 2,300 of those riders paying for monthly memberships.