Waikiki, located here in Honolulu, hosts millions of travelers each year. But oddly enough there wasn’t a candy shop that catered to the sugar needs of hungry tourists. Enter Candy Bar Hawaii. But how do you repackage bulk candy and transform it from a commodity to a must-have item?


We created a unique brand system that merged simple bright colors and witty language with a touch of Hawaiiana via a subtle candy tapa pattern. From bulk bags to candy packaging we made sure to let the bright colors of the candy be the star while the branding subtly enhances the overall appeal. Bold colors and quirky language on boxes, shopping bags and shirts helped to create a fresh new concept for candy.

Design Firm - Wall-to-Wall Studios Inc

Client - Candy Bar Hawaii


Creative Director - Bernard Uy

Designer - Jesse Arneson

Project Manager - Celeste Chikamori