BLKCORAL & Pass the Projects



Honolulu Coffee Company



Art Direction and Design

Nikole Nelson

Architectural Drawings

Juli Sproules

Art Production

Nikole Nelson
Lauren Trangmar
Jenny Melendez
David Randall
Michelle Chen

Metal fabrication

Heavy Metal, Inc.


Josh Mills 


Pass the Projects Team:

Conceptual Design &
Informational Signage

David DeLuca

Graphic Design

Joseph Abad Jr.


Mitchell Fong



ROI Printing




Honolulu Coffee Company approached us wanting to artistically showcase the history of their brand and quality coffee products. Located on the edge of Waikiki, the design of their flagship store was intended to capture the attention of caffeine lovers, ranging from local clientele to visiting tourist groups alike.

The design needed to have a WOW factor that provided a visually engaging, educational experience that walked the visitor through the seed to cup process, while seamlessly fitting in to the interior design of the overall space.


The final design focuses on large scale art pieces to communicate the brand's history and educate visitors on the process of coffee production.  A full-height, hand-built resin & reclaimed wood topographical map wall highlights the major coffee growing regions, with the Island of Hawai‘i as the focal point. A massive coffee tree branch sculptural installation, heavy with berries, sweeps over 25’ of wall space, while stages of seed to cup growth are conveyed through handmade paper sculptures.

Vintage coffee farm equipment was salvaged from a dilapidated barn at the Honolulu Coffee Company's farm, restored and installed overhead and on exhibit walls to celebrate the physical history of the company and the process. All of these elements work together, along with informational signage and illustrations, to provide a narration that leads the visitor through the space & teaches them about the coffee-making process and the history of the company, engaging all 5 of the senses.