This Pacific Region organization wanted to showcase how their science based work globally protects the lives and livelihoods of millions of people daily. The objective was to develop an exhibit that showed their expertise in the areas of stewardship, sustainable fisheries, weather and climate change and the preservation of coastal marine habitats. The exhibition needed to be broad based with a target audience ranging from elementary students to anyone else interested in the environment.


An exhibit was designed that was sensitive to the Pacific Region/Hawaiian Culture, yet with universal (global) information.  Displays were manufactured from ohia wood, unique to Hawaii, utilizing historic Hawaiian inspired patterns and textures.  The combination of cultural design elements, with crisp typography and captivating photos, created an exhibition that was not only informative, but also graphically enduring for years to come.

Design Firm - Design Asylum, Inc.

Client - NOAA

Art Director - Leslie Tamonte Cariaga

Designers - Jeffrey Patingan, Kat Sakata, Sheryl Nicolas

Project Manager - Lowell Gillia

Copywriter - David Ciano and NOAA team members

Printer - Downstream and 1220