Matt Tapia



The Pig & The Lady



Matthew Tapia


Collaborative Illustrators (Mural)

Stephen Lam
Matthew Tapia


Special Consultant

Jesse Arneson




By the time I was brought on to project the restaurant’s name had already been chosen. Piggy Smalls. It was planned as a casual fare dining experience and an extension of The Pig & The Lady restaurant.

While The Pig & The Lady is more refined and upscale in it’s presentation of Vietnamese fusion cuisine, Piggy Smalls would be fun, delicious food you can eat anytime. It would need to have it’s own identity, yet still feel like it was connected to the more established brand.


Two different eras of Vietnam’s visual history were drawn on to craft the identity. The country has a rich history of sign painting, and this guided the creation of the final Piggy Smalls word mark while culturally traditional Vietnamese paintings were referenced in creating the pig icon and crest.

The owner’s love of 90’s hip hop and Notorious B.I.G. in the use of the cuban link chain, lyrics found throughout the restaurant and menu, and the gold color in the identity. A subtle nod to The Pig & The Lady can be found in the ampersand logo included as a brand on the pig logo’s hide, and a not so subtle neon sign on location. The last reference to hip hops greatest icon can be found on the restaurant’s feature wall. A t-bone steak, cheese, eggs and grapes are included within the mural.