Onward Creative



Howard Hughes


Designer, Art Director

Noa Emberson


Editor, producer

Jeff Mull



Mark Kushimi
AJ Feducia
Megan Tomino




As a new community takes root at Ward Village, a plethora of boutiques, restaurants, and events have sprouted in the neighborhood. To help spread the word and highlight merchants, we were tasked with creating an easily digestible quarterly directory, complete with editorial outlining happenings in the community.

In the end, the piece should allow shoppers and diners a way to find their destination and learn more about this unique neighborhood.


After countless hours of thought and mockups, we presented the client with creative that not only allowed shoppers, diners, and guests a way to find their way through the rapidly changing community, but also highlighted a handful of merchants and events in every issue.

On one side of the directory, you’ll find a comprehensive and well-designed map showcasing all of the stores and restaurants in Ward Village, along with a corresponding list of merchants. On the other side, we’ve effectively created a foldable zine that shines a light on dozens of stores in the area. Each and every issue, we present the client with a list of editorial ideas and work closely with them to produce the final product.

Photo shoots, food styling, copywriting, art direction all intertwine to create the Ward Village Directory. In the end, what could have been a simple map became an insightful overview of the movers and shakers propelling Ward Village forward.