Includes web site, micro-sites, and interactive design including product and app design. Web and interactive entries must be published on the internet for a client or as a self-promotional piece. All entries must be in English.

1) Provide URL.

You will be prompted by the online submission system to enter the URL of the website. Websites will be judged as live, online sites. If your site is no longer active (for example, it was an event-related site or a holiday site), you may provide a designer-hosted URL. If it is not an active site, you may be asked to prove that it was an active site. Web site entries must work within the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers.

2) Upload up to four screenshots.

These are for use in the on-screen presentation at the show and in the winners’ book. Choose screens that best represent your design. Images can show single screens, a collage, or both. Do not include the browser window or show a computer or phone. Capture screenshots at the largest possible resolution. Files must be JPG or PNG, RGB @72 dpi. Please compress multiple files into a single .zip file.

3) Do not submit any DVDs or printouts.

Your online entry is all we need.

Additional requirements specific to sub-categories:

  • App Design: Along with the URL, you may upload a video that demonstrates how the app works directly to our site using the submission system. Please upload ONLY .mov or .mp4 videos

Project Team Credits, If applicable

  • Art Director

  • Designer

  • Developer

  • Illustrator

  • Copywriter

  • Photographer

  • Special Consultant

Digital Portfolio Images, Required

  • Upload a zip file of up to to 4 images

  • JPG, RGB, 1500 x 1160 at 72 dpi

  • Photos or digital compilations are acceptable

  • Provide screen shots for web and motion entries

  • Horizontal or vertical

Note: These images will be used in the winners’ book and the presentation at the show, if selected among the top 50. They will not be used for judging.